Logo design, Web


The Ghana Friendship Association of Edmonton requires a logo and a website to establish its online presence. The purpose of the website is to help to build the Ghanian community within Edmonton, throughout Alberta, and across the country by connecting people and being a source of information. The site will also serve as a portal for others to learn about the Ghanian community and culture thereby contributing to intercultural exchange.


The brand identity captures the diversity, vibrancy and openness of the Ghanian community in Edmonton. The overall color scheme of the G.F.A.E logo reflects the Ghanian flag - the red stripe represents the blood spilt during Ghana’s struggle for independence; the yellow stripe symbolizes the mineral wealth of the country; and the green signifies the fertility of the nation. At the logo's centre is the Bese Saka Adinkra symbol, a symbol of affluence, power, abundance, togetherness and unity in West Africa. It reflects how the G.F.A.E brings all people together and contributes to the economic, social, cultural and political fabric of Canada and Ghana.

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